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Converex is a manufacture
of Disposable Medical Examination Gloves. We are a Hong Kong based company joint venture with glove manufacturing plant in Malaysia. Converex no doubted believing that we can offer you similar or better quality product for much compatible price and a higher service level than what you expect. Coverex is 100% customer service oriented and has high level of dedication in every area of operations, from prompt response to customer queries, consistence and reliable after sales service has been the foundation of our success.

Market is keen and competitive and we provide the best and elastic price period. We manufacture our own product which eliminate the price burden of different aspects of distributors.

Our Gloves commit high international standards such as CE Marking part 1 & 2,FDA,ISO etc.

We conduct our business with integrity. We treat our business partners with respect. We earn their trust and establish unbreakable links with them.

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